Reflections is a compilation of articles on the Holy Spirit that appeared weekly in The Southern Cross, the newspaper of the Catholic Diocese of Savannah, from the Feast of St. Francis Xavier, December 3, 1987, through Pentecost, 1989.  Each reflection flows from a Scripture reference to the Holy Spirit, beginning with Genesis and concluding with Revelation. I recommend the book for parents of Confirmandi and for members of RCIA classes.  Offer the book to prepare for Pentecost or Confirmation.

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A sample reflection

"  they went to the upper room, and together with Mary, the mother of Jesus "

                                                                                                               Acts 1:13,14

     Let us reflect on the humility of Mary:  she who conceived the Savior by the power of the Spirit waited and prayed for the gift of the Spirit.  Just as one
ponders Jesus' submission to baptism, likewise may one ponder Mary's submission to the infilling of the Spirit.  God's "lovely one" (S of S 2:10) who bore God's Chosen One (John 1:34) did not set herself apart.  She stayed; she had stayed with her dying Son when others could not, and she stayed with His followers when personally she need not.  While all waited for the gift of the Spirit surely Mary's presence was also gift; she must have been one among many to help the many become one.  Her gift of presence teaches the gift of each of us to all of us.
     Mary was uniquely honored in being chosen to bear the Savior.  She was obedient to the angel's request, and she was obedient to her Son's directive, "Stay in the city, then, until you are clothed with power from on high"
(Lk 24:49).  She was gifted to bear the Son of God, and she was sensitive to know the need of God.  Spiritual poverty is the awareness of one's need for God.  Obedience and spiritual poverty are elements of humility.  In clothing herself in humility, Mary was clothed in the Power from on high.

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