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The Georgia Martyrs

     The story of the Georgia Martyrs upholds the sanctity of matrimony.     
     The Indian brave,
Juanillo, was the son of the Guale
Indian chieftain. His name, Juanillo, a diminutive for
John,  indicates that he was baptized. When Juanillo took a second wife, allowed by Indian custom, Fr. Pedro de Corpa repri-

manded him.  Juanillo rebelled and, rallying other Indians, they attacked and killed Fr. Pedro de Corpa on September 13, 1597 at his mission near present-day Darien.  The band then traveled north to Tupiqui where Fr. Blas Rodríguez had his mission.  Fr. Blas was allowed to celebrate Mass before he was killed.  The band then traveled by canoe to Saint Catherines Island where Fr. Miguel de Añon and Bro. Antonio de Bádajoz had a mission.  Although sympathetic Indians had tried to warn the two missionaries of the impending attack, they did not flee.  Perhaps the message did not get through or perhaps the missionaries did not take the threat seriously.  When Fr. Miguel and Bro. Antonio did realize attack was imminent, Fr. Miguel celebrated Mass and they took comfort in the words of the Gospel: "Whoever loses his life for My sake will save it" (Mt 16:25).  The two missionaries were attacked and killed on the day Franciscans recall their founder St. Francis receiving the Stigmata (September 17).
     The band then proceeded south to St. Simons Island where they killed Fr. Francisco de Veráscola as he was returning from St. Augustine with supplies..

     Fr. Francisco de Avila had a mission on present-day Jekyll Island.  The Indians traveled south to Jekyll Island and captured Fr. Francisco de Avila.  Fr. Francisco was eventually released.  Whenever I tell the story of the Martyrs I mention Fr. Francisco de Avila because of all he endured for the Faith.

     See map for names and locations of the missions.

Addendum: In the years since I published this web site, some     historians propose different locations for the missions.  I have chosen not to include the divergent opinions in my narrative since the research is not conclusive nor does it change the faith impact of the story.  Readers wishing to know alternate theories may contact me.

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