Welcome to the "Open Wednesday" home page!   "Open Wednesday"
facilitates Catholic parents to prepare children for the Sunday Mass Readings.

  Below are links to the text and pictures of the "Open Wednesday" for the next two Sundays.  Most families and parochial school teachers will use the current "Open Wednesday."  Directors of Religious Education may also want to prepare for distribution after Mass the "Open Wednesday" for the following Sunday.  Use the links to view the "Open Wednesday" on the screen or to download an image of the picture side for high resolution printing.  Instructions for printing follow.

Next Sunday

The Following Sunday

Instructions for Importing the Text into Your Word Processor

In your Web Browser, highlight all of the desired text using your mouse.
Go to the
Edit menu and choose Copy.
Start your word processor.
Paste from the Edit menu.
Format the text as you desire.

Instructions for Printing the Downloadable Picture

Right click "Downloadable Picture" in the link above.  Choose "Save Link As" or "Save Target As" (depends on your web browser).  This will allow you to download a 300 dpi GIF file which is suitable for high-quality printing.  (This image will not print from your web browser; it is too BIG.)  Remember where you saved the file. To print the picture, start your word processor.  Most word processors can import a picture by going to the Insert menu and then choosing Graphic or Picture.  (Again, it depends on which program you are using.)  Be sure to resize the picture to fill the whole page.  Remember to leave a small margin, as many printers do not print to the edge. If necessary, check your program's Help file.  If you need further help, please email Marie.

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