What is "Open Wednesday"?

     "Open Wednesday" is a tool to facilitate parents to prepare children to hear the Sunday Mass Readings.  The picture and essay sides are intended to appeal to children in elementary through middle school grades.  Hopefully, both sides will appeal to all ages. Teens are encouraged to help younger siblings understand and enjoy the Readings.  The "Etcetera" links include ideas from commentators that will interest teens and adults.

How do families use "Open Wednesday"?
     It is suggested families choose a regular time each week to view the "Open Wednesday."  For many families this time is Wednesday evening, hence the origin of the name "Open Wednesday."  Parents may wish to preview the "Open Wednesday" to find what appeals to them to emphasize.  "Open Wednesday" is only a "soup starter," so to speak.  Many will read the Readings in their entirety.  "Open Wednesday" is meant to be fun; parents will know how best to use this resource with their own families.  It is the hope of the author that children will be given the expectation that God speaks through the Sunday Readings, and that in order to hear God's Word, one needs to prepare.  Families may read "Open Wednesday" from the screen, or download and print it.

Is "Open Wednesday" used in classes?
     Although "Open Wednesday" was designed to be used by families, soon after its
inception, teachers from both parochial schools and religious education programs asked for "Open Wednesday."  Teachers enjoy having a tool distinct from textbook-type work, a tool that encourages discussion and the telling of stories.  Jesus told stories.

How did "Open Wednesday" begin?
     I began "Open Wednesday" for the families of Nativity of Our Lady Mission in Darien, Georgia, USA.  I remembered the way my parents talked to me about pictures in books when I was a child.  I wanted a tool with pictures to hold a child's attention while the parent talked about the Readings for the coming Sunday.  The fact that families and teachers in neighboring parishes asked for "Open Wednesday" was a pleasant surprise and encouraged me to polish "Open Wednesday" and to increase their use.  The Internet offers an economical way to make "Open Wednesday" available to parents and teachers.

More about the origin of the name, "Open Wednesday":
     "Open Wednesday" began in paper form.  I rolled the sheets of paper, tied them with yarn and placed them in a basket in the church vestibule for families to pick up after Mass.
I would ask a child, "Do you have the paper you open on Wednesday?"  It was not long before that mouthful was shortened to "Do you have the 'Open Wednesday'?"  And that is how "Open Wednesday" got its name!    :)

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